Source code for fenlmagic

"""Integration with IPython (Notebooks) for Fenl.

        UsageError: when improper arguments are provided
# pylint: disable=no-member
from __future__ import print_function

import logging
import os
import sys
from typing import Optional

import IPython
import pandas
from google.protobuf import wrappers_pb2 as wrappers
from IPython.core.error import UsageError
from IPython.core.magic import Magics, cell_magic, line_cell_magic, magics_class
from IPython.core.magic_arguments import argument, magic_arguments, parse_argstring

import kaskada.kaskada.v1alpha.query_service_pb2 as query_pb
from fenlmagic.utils import arg_to_response_type
from kaskada import client, query

logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, level=logging.INFO)
[docs]logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
[docs]class QueryResult(object):
[docs] dataframe: pandas.DataFrame = None
def __init__( self, expression: str, query_response: query_pb.CreateQueryResponse # type: ignore[valid-type] ): self.expression = expression self.query_response = query_response
[docs] def set_dataframe(self, dataframe: pandas.DataFrame): self.dataframe = dataframe
[docs]class FenlMagics(Magics): def __init__(self, shell, client: Optional[client.Client]): super(FenlMagics, self).__init__(shell)"extension loaded") self.client = client @magic_arguments() @argument( "--changed-since-time", help="Time bound (inclusive) after which results will be produced.", ) @argument( "--data-token", help="A data token to run queries against. Enables repeatable queries.", ) @argument("--debug", default=False, help="Shows debugging information") @argument( "--dry-run", default=False, help="When `True`, the query is validated and if there are no errors, the resultant schema is returned. \ No actual computation of results is performed.", ) @argument( "--experimental", help="When `True`, then experimental features are allowed. \ Data returned when using this flag is not guaranteed to be correct.", ) @argument( "--output", default="parquet", help='Output format for the query results. One of "parquet", or "csv".', ) @argument( "--dataframe", default=True, help="When `True`, will render the results as a dataframe. Otherwise only returns the response.", ) @argument( "--preview-rows", help="Produces a preview of the data with at least this many rows.", ) @argument( "--result-behavior", help='Determines which results are returned. \ Either "all-results" (default), or "final-results" which returns only the final values for each entity.', ) @argument( "--final-time", help="Produces final values for each entity at the given timestamp.", ) @argument("--var", help="Assigns the body to a local variable with the given name") @cell_magic @line_cell_magic
[docs] def fenl(self, arg, cell=None): "fenl query magic" args = parse_argstring(self.fenl, arg) dry_run = test_arg(clean_arg(str(args.dry_run)), "true") render_dataframe = test_arg(clean_arg(str(args.dataframe)), "true") response_as = arg_to_response_type(clean_arg(args.output)) preview_rows = clean_arg(args.preview_rows) var = clean_arg(args.var) final_result_time = clean_arg(args.final_time) result_behavior = clean_arg(args.result_behavior) # Assert the result behaviors are valid if final_result_time is not None: if result_behavior is not None and not test_arg( result_behavior, "final-results" ): raise UsageError( '--final-time must be used with result-behavior "final-results"' ) result_behavior = "final-results" if cell is None: expression = arg else: expression = cell.strip() limits = {} if preview_rows: limits["preview_rows"] = int(preview_rows) data_token_id = clean_arg(args.data_token) data_token_id = ( wrappers.StringValue(value=data_token_id) if data_token_id else None ) try: resp = query.create_query( expression=expression, result_behavior=result_behavior, dry_run=dry_run, experimental=test_arg(clean_arg(str(args.experimental)), "true"), data_token_id=data_token_id, changed_since_time=clean_arg(args.changed_since_time), final_result_time=clean_arg(args.final_time), limits=query_pb.Query.Limits(**limits), response_as=response_as, client=self.client, ) query_result = QueryResult(expression, resp) if not dry_run and render_dataframe: output_paths = ( query_result.query_response.destination.object_store.output_paths.paths ) if len(output_paths) > 0: dataframes = [] for parquet_output_path in output_paths: if response_as == query.ResponseType.FILE_TYPE_PARQUET: df = pandas.read_parquet( parquet_output_path, engine="pyarrow" ) dataframes.append(df) elif response_as == query.ResponseType.FILE_TYPE_CSV: df = pandas.read_csv(parquet_output_path, engine="pyarrow") dataframes.append(df) else: raise NotImplementedError( f"unknown response type: {response_as}", response_as ) query_result.set_dataframe(pandas.concat(dataframes)) if var is not None: IPython.get_ipython().push({var: query_result}) return query_result except Exception as e: raise UsageError(e)
[docs]def load_ipython_extension(ipython, client: Optional[client.Client] = None): magics = FenlMagics(ipython, client) ipython.register_magics(magics)
[docs]def clean_arg(arg: str) -> str: """ Strips quotes and double-quotes from passed arguments Args: arg (str): input argument Returns: str: cleaned output """ if arg is not None: return arg.strip('"').strip("'") else: return None
[docs]def test_arg(arg: str, val: str) -> bool: """ Compares an argument against a test value. Returns true when the two strings are equal in a case-insensitive and dash/underscore-insensitive manner. Args: arg (str): the argument to test val (str): the comparison value Returns: bool: The comparision result. """ if arg is not None and val is not None: return arg.replace("_", "-").lower() == val.replace("_", "-").lower()